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Travel Europe, See What You Might Find

Travel Europe, See What You Might Find

When Cathy left Greece to travel Europe it was an opportunity to go on a journey of self-discovery. This wasn’t the intention they set out with though. The reason they left their birthplace wasn’t clear when they left, to be honest. However, the way they put it: as a child they were always destined for something great. They were right: they’re queer. Meeting new people in so many different countries helped Cathy to figure out their gender, their poetry and general love for life.

You don’t always need to travel Europe to find the best version of what you’re looking for though. According to Cathy mainstream acts only play a disappointing hour to ninety minutes. In their home country however, concerts can go on for hours and hours, and that while maintaining an amazing vocal performance. Call me basic, but now I want a Natassa Bofilliou and Andrea Bocelli collab.

What’s more this episode: a shameless discussion on American early aughts alt rock. This nostalgia fuelled subgenre is a surprisingly common spark to light a musical fire. It didn’t always age too well but the first time you hear 3 Doors Down on the radio can be weirdly impactful.

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Flashback Track: The Calling – Wherever You May Go
Queer Artist Spotlight: LP- Lost on You
Best Live Experience: Natassa Bofiliou – En Lefko
Most Recent Discovery: Todrick Hall – Nails, Hair, Hips, Heels


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