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To be Muslim This Christmas Season

To be Muslim This Christmas Season

The Christmas Times are upon us! Personally I always link the holidays to Germany. Almost every year I would visit those typical markets with hot chocolate, deep fried snacks and fake snow. However, with all the over the top decorations and loud music I can’t begin to fathom what it must be like to not be invited to celebrate along with everyone else. Zuher has been so kind to give a bit more insight into what it’s like to be Muslim this Christmas.

On this stop during our tour through Europe we talk about what you can do to be a bit kinder to your friendly neighbourhood Muslim this Christmas. For example, did you know non-Christians also enjoy getting gifts? Shocking, right? What’s more this episode: German traditionalism, the value of Queer Arab parties, and certain internationally spread morning rituals.

Just as a quick heads up: on this show we talk about Zuher’s podcast called BBQ: Die Black, Brown Queere Podcast and I can highly recommend you listen to it. However, it might be a bit hard to follow for any non-German speakers out there.

CW: Queerphobia, Racism and a brief mention of terrorism by right-wing extremists.

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