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Time and Place

Time and Place

Paulina Vo can tell you like no other how strongly the time and place can influence a person, including what music you listen to. Throughout her life she moved a lot and thus she experienced first-hand how the music she listens to has changed over the different locations and eras in her life.

While editing this show I noticed again how hesitant Paulina was talking about her queer experience. Of course, not everyone is as vocal about their own queerness. But then I noticed how much the conversation fired up when talking about race. In hindsight, I think some questions were left unanswered about whether she feels the need to choose between her queer identity or her Asian identity. I guess there’s a time and place for all those unanswered questions too.

Without reading into it too much, there might be parallels with her musical preferences. When she lived in a white environment she had to deal with some nasty remarks. Both because she’s Asian and because she listens to hip-hop. Now, where one is breaking out in an activist manner, Paulina pushes the other ever so slightly into the background. Is she conditioned to downplay her love for hip-hop? Am I reading too much into it? Let me know though the contact form below.

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Flashback Track: Bone Thugs-N-Harmony – The Crossroads
Queer Artist Spotlight: The Japanese House – Something has to Change
Best Live Experience: Phoenix – Lasso
Recent Discovery: Chika – Cinderella pt. 2


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