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Things Take Time

Things Take Time

Something I’d Like to call the Harrison Ford effect is when people start a new career later in life. JD Danner used to work as an accountant but left Corporate America in order to pursue music. Now she has a professional career as an artist and she’s making quite a name for herself. Just like Ford, Danner proves that sometimes things take time.

Danner started her career in the 90’s, when Alanis Morissette, Tracy Chapman and other women making rock music were topping the charts. Her ambition to play in the same circles as these other women didn’t quite come true, but considering the transphobic brand of feminism that was common at the time that might just be a good thing. In the episode Danner reflects on how she lived through this era.

Since then a lot has happened. Political changes, personal growth, and a shift in Danner’s career. What’s the biggest change you made in your life? Let us know through the contact button below!

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Flashback Track: Stevie Wonder – My Cherie Amour
Queer Artist Spotlight: Melissa Etheridge – Like The Way I Do
Best Live Experience: Fleetwood Mac – Silver Springs
Episode Special: JD Danner – The Lover You Once Knew


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