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The Case for Comedy

The Case for Comedy

Over the years stand-up comedy has gotten a bad name. Unfortunately, more often than not people are kicked down by comedians trying to be funny by making fun of queer folks. Enter AJ. He helps stand-up comics who are just starting out by giving them feedback and critically reflecting on jokes that could be offensive. This way he hopes to create a space in which comedy can be fun for everyone.

I’m really showing my age this episode. For instance, there was an entire part of the episode in which we talk about being on camera, which is something your trusty podcast host is not at all used to, never mind comfortable with. Besides, the questions about TikTok have real old person vibes. For example: asking what someone’s favourite TikTok is? That’s just as much bullshit as asking them for their best Tweet. Like, dang, as if people thank about stuff like that.

But then again, all this chaos does lead to some funny topics. There are musical nuances from the other side of the world, slight differences in humour on different corners of the internet, but with AJ you can be sure it’s always wonderfully queer.

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Flashback Track: Shania Twain – Man! I Feel Like a Woman
Queer Artist Spotlight: RuPaul – Sissy That Walk
Best Live Experience: Macy Gray – I Try
Most Recent Discovery: Encanto – We Don’t Talk About Bruno


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