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Sisters in Solidarity

Sisters in Solidarity

This podcast episode deals with some dark subjects, albeit not all too explicit. Since the Taliban took over Kabul, roughly a year ago, the lives of plenty of women and girls drastically changed. The Young Afghan Women Movement offers support and solidarity for these women. Hameeda is part of this movement. In this podcast she explains what motivates her and how she deals with the big questions that come with dealing with political conflict.

Solidarity can also be applied to less depressing situations. For example, while growing up, Hameeda and her siblings had very little opportunity to get in touch with music. Thankfully, they managed to slip some MTV into their household. From there on out, Music remained a way to learn, express yourself and discover!

More this episode: Hameeda’s unique view on gender. Sometimes gender is a physical journey, sometimes it’s a spiritual one. She shows how the weird intersection between gender, music and religion can be in beautiful harmony.

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Flashback Track: Linkin Park – What I’ve Done
Queer Artist Spotlight: David Bowie – Heroes
Best Live Experience: Parvaaz – Roz Roz
Recent Discovery: Hemant Kumar – Jane Woh Kaise Log The


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