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Sailor Moon and Power Rangers

Sailor Moon and Power Rangers

Watching TV at a young age Kitan already knew: sometimes they’re Sailor Moon, sometimes they’re a Power Ranger, sometimes both, sometimes neither. Their parents didn’t really keep a close eye on their gender performance. As long as they did well in school, there wasn’t much to worry about. Play with whatever toys you want, aspire to be Sailor Moon or whoever else, listen to whatever music you like, but bring home those A’s.

Despite all this, Kitan’s childhood wasn’t all good and well. In this episode we cover the good and the bad. For example, they did not have the words to express their gender, they had to deal with high academic pressure, but thankfully there was always music to come back to. Punk, Metal and Visual Kei were, and still are, a comforting safe space.

What’s more: Further in the episode we talk about NFT’s for a short moment. I can’t speak for all my guests, but personally I don’t endorse these glorified Jpgs and neither does Kitan. Producing them costs and wastes a huge amount of energy so they’re horrible for the environment. In other words: fuck NTFs.

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Flashback Track: GLAY – 誘惑 (Yuuwaku)
Queer Artist Spotlight: My Chemical Romance – Thank You for the Venom
Best Live Experience: Avenged Sevenfold – Bat Country
Recent Discovery: kiryu – utsusemi


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