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Reporting Home

Reporting Home

The new series of episodes starts with one close to home. A couple of days before recording this episode I saw Tick Tick Boom! So, to take a piece of advice Rosa gives John in this movie: Stick to what you know. And as someone who is finally wrapping up my studies in journalism, what I know would be reporting. Mailani is a journalism student at Arizona State University and was so kind to talk to me about the differences between our college programs.

Obviously, One thing we agreed on is news media who need to put in respectfully reporting on trans people. Although, there are some nuances to iron out. It was an absolute pleasure to nerd out about something we’re both passionate about. However, we both probably still have a lot to learn. Let us know what your thoughts are about news stories involving trans people through the contact link below!

What’s more this episode: How do you stay focussed on making art and what makes something feel like home?

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Best Live Experience: Jason Mraz – Coyotes
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