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Publishing the Publicist

Publishing the Publicist

It’s the Summer of Sound part one! Have you ever wondered what’s the difference between a publisher and a publicist? So have I! And so has today’s guest Liv Dellanno. As a result, there was a little bit of confusion on the show about what the difference is between the two music industry positions. Thankfully she is perfectly able to explain the main focus of this episode: what a publicist does.

Before we dive into music itself, we dive into the industry side of it all. There’s a link between artists and media like QueerSounds. Similar to the Avatar connecting two worlds, Liv is the bridge between music and podcasts, zines, blogs and what else have you. It only seems appropriate to make the first episode of Pride Month 2022 one that explains how these bridges are built. In other words, how you get to know about all the amazing queer artists you’ve always wanted to hear of.

I’m not gonna lie, I really enjoyed trying to be extra sharp with my questions during this talk. For some reason, there’s just something about working with other industry professionals that makes me try just that bit harder. If that means i’m rude or even mean, I hereby apologize. (I also already said sorry to Liv, don’t worry.)

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Flashback Track: Queen – Killer Queen
Queer Artist Spotlight: Tash Sultana – Pretty Lady
Best Live Experience: The Vaccines – I Always New
Most Recent Discovery: Kenny Hada & The Others – Hair Trigger


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