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Pan-African Queerness

Pan-African Queerness

Botswana decriminalised same-sex relationships in 2019, on June 11th, but that doesn’t mean all is good and well now. Dumi and the African Queer Youth Initiative fight for the Pan-African rights of Queer people. Because even though a lot of progress have been made in the past, there is still a long way to go. To put it in broad terms, there’s more to be achieved through working together than by navel gazing and figuring it all out yourself. Something obvious like an AGM (Annual General Meeting) can already be a huge help to boost morale as well as a fun way to exchange ideas.

Unfortunately, the show did not end the way we’d hoped. It’s been a challenge to get this recording going on, but not everything always goes as planned. In this case, the internet connection on Dumi’s end was not quite ideal. However, we still had quite a long conversation so here’s what we ended up with.

Something we were not able to talk about was why some tracks got picked. For example, Dumi picked a life track instead of a personal concert experience. Simply because they were not able to go to shows, despite being a performer themself. Feel free to share your own favourite concert experiences! Get in touch through the QueerSounds socials or the contact form below.

CW: suicide, violence, genocide, abuse

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Flashback Track: Choir of St. John’s College, Cainbrigde – Silent Night
Queer Artist Spotlight: Brenda Fassie – Nomakanjani
Best Live Experience: Aretha Franklin – Nessun Dorma
Recent Discovery: Letta Mbulu – Not Yet Uhuru


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