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Open the Gate!

Open the Gate!

Maja refuses to deal with any gatekeepers. For too long people around her have been continuously forcing her in uncomfortable positions for a number of reasons. Well, no more. With Queers To The Front she runs a grassroots indie label that prioritises marginalised people and their largely political messages. Gate? What gate?

As someone who operates in a niche within a niche, Maja still needed to cut off some even more obscure personal interests in order to make her business consistent. However, Clever as she is, she managed to create an organisation that hopefully makes the music industry a safer space for trans and otherwise queer people.

The reason this podcast will probably never make it big is, partly, it’s host getting dragged along in big nerdy rabbit holes. In the end I don’t even feel like I made the point I wanted to make. Oh well. Do you have any thoughts about Green Day’s relevance in today’s musical and cultural landscape? Get in touch through the contact link below!

CW: Transphobia

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Flashback Track: Green Day – J.A.R. (Jason Andrew Relva)
Queer Artist Spotlight: Pity Party – Grindmother
Best Live Experience: Kermes – Terms
Most Recent Discovery: Pom Pom Squad – Cut My Hair


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