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One step at the time

One step at the time

Whether we’re talking about a country’s march towards gender equality or one’s own personal progress, it always takes some effort. Latoya, or Toya K, is a singer-songrwiter from Namibia and she explains what she had to go through on a personal level, as well as what her experience has been as a queer artist in her home country. These things have in common that progress doesn’t always happen as fast as you’d want but rather one step at a time.

But after one step, others are sure to follow! Toya calls herself the future of Namibian R&B/ Soul and with her political activism and infinite charisma she is sure to leave a mark on the people around her. In the process she is able to focus on small victories and remain optimistic. However, she is also very much aware of what needs to change in order to improve queer life in Namibian townships.

It’s been a treat to have Toya on the show. From the day we first met we knew this just had to happen and what better time to promote a friends art than during the QS Summer of Sound. Latoya hopes people learn something at her life shows and hopefully that also goes for listening to this podcast episode.

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