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One Person V. International Politics

One Person V. International Politics

As recommended by the QueerSounds collegian Maja, The QS summer of sound welcomes Eunice. She’s the bassist and singer for Vienna based band Curb, a pop punk Trio that she tries to get more and more queer, one song at the time. Together we discuss small easily digestible themes such as international politics.

With the current state of the world being what it is, more often than not we get our day ruined by whatever the twitter roit of the moment might be. Even as Europeans, we often get dragged into whatever is going on in American Politics. This podcast is also guilty as charged of some US-centrism, more than I’d like to admit. Which leaves the question: why should we care? (You can read this question in whichever way you like.)

But then again, a world-wide perspective also bring great things. For example, an international friend can be a great way to discover new music. Did you recently discover an awesome new artist through a friend abroad? Let us know through the contact link below or the QS socials!

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Flashback Track: Lights – Toes (Acoustic)
Queer Artist Spotlight: Kehlani – Honey
Best Live Experience: Skunk Anansie – Selling Jesus
Most Recent Discovery: Curb – Spit U Out


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