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Nazi-Punks Fuck Off!

Nazi-Punks Fuck Off!

It’s difficult to decide what music fits your platform, and which artists you should avoid. From generational differences to political views, there’s a lot to keep into account when trying to book shows and keep a venue a safe space. However, all nuances aside, there’s one thing we can all agree on: Nazi-punks fuck off! Though we don’t get to play the Dead Kennedys track.

Suky is a booker and promotor for Queer As Punk, a queer music night in Edinburgh. Their political compass in booking gigs leads the way through a messy musical landscape. When bands and artists do the same, their paths might cross with a fun, safe concert for all parties involved. You can fuck off if you’re a racist, bigot, transphobe or just being a dick at shows.

What’s more this episode: cringey, unnecessary t.v. shows, a throwback to the very first QS episode and support from an unexpected corner of the UK.

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Flashback Track: The Clash – Should I Stay or Should I Go
Queer Artist Spotlight: Against Me! – True Trans Soul Rebel
Best Live Experience: Miaoumix – Putain
Most Recent Discovery: Sniff – Queer


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