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Maruf and the Crossroads of Identity

Maruf and the Crossroads of Identity

As promised a couple of episodes ago, the chairperson of Maruf is my guest in this episode. Dounia Jari has a long and diverse resumé so all the more to talk about. However, her work for this queer Muslim organisation, might just be the most impressive. Rumor has it, that when i reached out to Maruf, Dounia and her colleagues had a little bit of an argument about who would be sent over to represent them.

At this point you should know how uncomfortable I can get when conversations heat up. In this case Dounia and I ended up in a debate about the difference between pan and bi. Obviously everyone identifies themselves in a way they seem fit. However, definitions should not devalidate others. Either way, I think i handles this conversation well. In case you disagree, there’s a contact link below.

I need to be careful with Dutch guests. I don’t want these conversations to get too in-crowd. But then again, i’m not even sure if you’re experiencing them that way. Either way, I couldn’t resist sharing one of my favourite Dutch Classics when Dounia mentioned that type of music as one of her dads favourites. Check it out in the shownotes below.

CW: Racism, Homophobia, Biphobia

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Flashback Track: Mazzy Star – Fade Into You
Queer Artist Spotlight: Azis – Sen Trope
Best Live Experience: Amartey – Money
Recent Discovery: Otile Brown (Feat. Reekado Banks) – Jamila


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