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Lost in Swedish Producers

Lost in Swedish Producers

Anyone who has ever read anything about pop music, knows that Swedish producers write the best songs. From Robyn to ABBA, this country’s track record in pop history is unparalleled. So, it makes absolute sense that the pop artist Jack O’Connor, otherwise known as SNKT, moved to Stockholm to chase his dream.

Out of all Swedish producers Max Martin might be the one with the most impressive resumé, having worked with Britney Spears, Lady Gaga and many more. This pop legend is largely known for his formulaic way he writes songs, this, at first sight strongly, is in strong contrast with Björn from ABBA’s view. He thinks that the music industry should allow young artists to take more risks. Jack is more than happy to share his thoughts on the matter. The first SNKT album comes out in May of 2021.

I’m not quite used to guests who bounce back some questions. I love talking about music as much as anybody else, if not more, it sometimes forces me to show my ignorance. Is there anything I need to know about Frank Ocean or Robyn? Let me know though the contact form below.

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