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Listen to Your Inner Self

Listen to Your Inner Self

After Faris left their home country of Ethiopia and settled in Austria there was a clear need for social contact. There’s power in numbers so creating a platform for black people in Austria only made sense. It will come as no surprise that having a social environment, a place to chill and having someone to listen to, proved hugely helpful.

Of course, I always try to make an episode as good as they can be but sometimes I fail to bring my A-game. Sometimes the best thing to do is to just listen and think. This conversation helped me with checking my own ignorance. For example, artists from Africa hardly ever get the credit they deserve. It’s really worth the effort to seek out artists like Fatouma Diawara and the stuff they put out. Especially their own material, not just the collaborations with white artists.

Damn. Talking about throwing myself under the bus. The last part of the episode really doesn’t show me at my best. Luckily Faris was very patient with me. They were willing to take the time and carefully explain their thoughts on sexism and racism. It’s no coincidence that black bodies need to be sexually explicit in order to become a hit. For more on this you can check the link in the shownotes.

CW: Racism, Sexism

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