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Letting go of certain names

Letting go of certain names

Calling someone by a nickname is incredibly common place in Thailand. Apart from the practical reasons such as reducing the amount of syllables, it most definitely also has some queer advantages. Worapon explains how easy it is to let go of the names your parents gave you.

Then there are names which are a lot harder to get go. In this episode we dive into the feeling of losing your first big love and how that might impact your life. Some might say you can’t get back to dating unless you’ve moved on. Others claim dating is the perfect method to forget about your ex. But is possible to move on, even though you still have feelings for them?

Lastly, there are names we probably should get rid off in a different context. Artists who appropriate cultures trying to appeal to a global audience should see that backfire. I did consider to skip the Hwasa track for this exact reason. The reasons I played it anyway are simple: I’m spineless and didn’t dare to ask Worapon to pick a different track last-minute. Besides, my cultural impact with this podcast is so minimal, it’s not like i’m promoting anyone here. At least I hope that’s true. If not, please drag me through the mud as well.

CW: Human trafficking, Racism, Discrimination, Queerphobia

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Flashback Track: 2002 ราตรี (2002 Ratree) – จีนี่ จ๋า (Genie Ja)
Queer Artist Spotlight: Sam Smith – Leave Your Lover
Best Live Experience: Jeremy Zucker – comethru
Recent Discovery: Hwasa – Maria


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