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Let’s Get Medical!

Let’s Get Medical!

The title says it all. We’re diving deep into medical issues trans people need to face. Davy is a med student in the United States so the perfect candidate to shine a light on the future of trans health care. For example: What hoops to people need to jump through in order to get the care they deserve and might capitalism actually have had a positive effect on gender affirming care?

Another big subject in this episode is the representation of medical issues for trans people in the media. Do you know any examples of positive representation of trans health care in the media? Get in touch through the contact info below. If you’re not really in the mood for a heavy medicalised discussion, that’s okay. There are a bunch of other episodes for you to enjoy.

What’s more this episode: Davy’s love for musical theatre, non-binary language in a Cuban Jewish environment and of course some amazing music!

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Flashback Track: Mika – Love Today
Queer Artist Spotlight: The Klezmatics – Apikorsim
Best Live Experience: Rent – I’ll Cover You
Recent Discovery: Stromae – Tous Les Mêmes


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