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KAOS GL, sweet Chaos

KAOS GL, sweet Chaos

This was a difficult episode to edit. As Yildiz from KAOS GL shares the highs and lows of Queer life in Turkey, on one hand there were some detailed descriptions of the way people mistreat queer folks I decided to cut. On the other hand, their energy is so optimistic and fun it’s been an absolute delight to talk to them. Check out the content warnings below to see if this episode right for you.

KAOS GL is the oldest queer rights group in Turkey, founded in 1994. Their effort is only outdated by individuals who made it big and used their platform to advocate for queer rights. Now, there aren’t a lot of examples out there, but we’re gonna talk about one quite extensively.

As a little extra music recommendation from your trusty podcast host: Check out Gaye Su Akyol. Their combination of traditional Turkish music, film scores and Queer activism would have made her the perfect person to talk about on the show, but to be honest, it just kinda slipped my mind. In case this sounds like something you would enjoy, get in touch and let me know what you think!

CW: Queerphobia, Transphobia, Police violence, Self harm

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Flashback Track: Bülent Ersoy – Maazallah
Queer Artist Spotlight: Madonna – Material Girl
Best Live Experience: Vega – Iz Birakanlar Unutulmaz
Recent Discovery: Ankarali Yasemin – Motor Geliyor


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