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Gay Best Friend Herd Mentality

Gay Best Friend Herd Mentality

As a film major Nic really has some interesting stuff to add surrounding the Gay Best Friend trope. Whether it’s about how superficial the representation is, or it’s capitalist implications, there are plenty of things to take issue with. He himself used to be the gay best friend in highschool so with his insights we’re getting ready to deconstruct this!

Enough can be said about stereotypes in cinema or TV, but then to play Lady Gaga’s Born this Way on the show is just as much of a stereotype, right? Its quite interesting how this artist became synonymous with white cis gay culture. So much so that it may or may not have created a herd mentality. You’ll just have to listen to the episode to hear our thoughts on the matter.

Nic is not just an expert on gay representation, he also talks about it in the podcast Queer Queue. Check it out in the link below. With the time off well have approaching the holidays, also don’t hesitate to leave any movie recommendations!

As you might notice the audio quality is not as good as you might be used to. There were some issues with finding a time and place to record. Know I did my very best to make it sound as great as possible.

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Flashback Track: Elvis Presley – Blue Christmas
Queer Artist Spotlight: Lauv feat. Troye Sivan – I’m so Tired
Best Live Experience: Lady Gaga – Born This Way
Recent Discovery: Sufjan Stevens – Visions of Gideon


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