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From Hancock to House

From Hancock to House

The QS Summer of Sound continues. We Kick off July with Jess Jessica: a ridiculously productive house producer from Colorado. She releases new music more often that most and for this episode she brought on a track no one has ever heard before. So stay tuned for this QS-exclusive at the end of the pod!

Her endless curiosity and determination are what sets Jessica apart from other artists. As soon as she got behind a computer, she would try and figure out how producing en music software works. Her time playing Herbie Hancock in school band fun, but Jessica wanted to know more.Playing drums, bass and producing everything herself and releasing tracks basically every other week, Jess is one of the coolest names to watch.

What’s more this episode: SOPHIE as an endless source of inspiration. It’s been a while since she passed, but her influence is endless. Jessica explains with a fiery passion what’s SOPHIE’s influence on house at large, on Jess as a person and as a producer.

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Flashback Track: Herbie Hancock – Chameleon
Queer Artist Spotlight: SOPHIE – BIPP
Best Live Experience: Claude VonStroke – Make A Cake
Episode Special: Jess Jessica – [Untitled 1]


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