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Fear of your Thoughts

Fear of your Thoughts

This episode could get quite confrontational. We’ve all had some moments where we would doubt our own identity, but a “fear of queer people” is very serious. We’re diving deep into Victoria’s psyche and try to untangle their thoughts. Latvia has a long way to go when it comes to the acceptance of queer people, so to have this as the environment to grow up in, comes with some severe consequences. Don’t worry though. It doesn’t get too graphic or painful.

Remember, back in episode five when Iron Maiden was first talked about on this podcast? Well, their music finally made it on the show. It might come as no surprise that this band has a particular place in my musical history. In fact, I did cut a lot of sections where I was just talking about my own memories of this band. After a string of episodes with quite some mainstream pop musical choices it’s a nice change of pace to get into more alternative stuff.

What’s more in this episode: Leather pants, more Eurovision and two people trying not to be horrible at playing guitar. We don’t actually play guitar on the pod though, so nothing to worry about there either.

cw: (Internalised) Queerphobia.

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Flashback Track: Iron Maiden – Fear of the Dark
Queer Artist Spotlight: Destroy Boys – Nerve
Best Live Experience: MÃ¥neskin – In Nome Del Padre
Most Recent Discovery: Greta van Fleet – Heat Above


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