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Ex-treme Emotions

Ex-treme Emotions

Diệu Anh, or Zoë to those who don’t want to butcher Vietnamese, talks about her exes so the conversation gets a bit uncomfortable at times. Whether it’s an ex partner, crush or friend, emotions rise high. Thankfully Zoë is very open about everything. She never shies away from getting out of her comfort zone in order to discover some deep rooted feelings, no matter if they’re positive or negative. Never before in the three years this podcast has existed, have I had someone on who talked to openly about the deep dark corners of their heart.

With all this emotional turmoil, music can be a great comfort. However, music can also trigger bad memories. This makes us walk a fine line between confronting the past, and trying to find comfort and peace. It turns out Zoë and I have different ideas of what is a healthy coping mechanism, but that’s exactly what makes this conversation so interesting. How do you deal with negative emotions triggered by music? Let us know through the contact button below!

All thoughts and feelings aside, at the end of the day Zoë is just another queer trying to make the world a better place. Through her work at ICS she fights for queer rights in Vietnam. Check out the amazing work they do in the shownotes.

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Flashback Track: Avril Lavigne – How You Remind Me
Queer Artist Spotlight: Fletcher – Sex (With My Ex)
Best Live Experience: Tùng feat. Trang – Con Dế Mèn Hát Vào Mùa Hè
Recent Discovery: The Devil’s Sway – Director


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