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Êtes-Vous Zēga?

Êtes-Vous Zēga?

If you’re listening to this podcast, changes are that you’re zēga. This word used to be a stealthy way of asking a stranger in Ethiopia if they’re queer. It’s gotten less and less stealthy over the years though. Today’s guest Bahiru explains how there are several languages in Ethiopia, so there’s a lot of work yet to be done when it comes to finding the right vocabulary to describe all different queer identities.

Zēga is not the only way to pick queer people from a crowd. Amharic, one of the Ethiopian languages, has a formal form. The trick is to only use the formal form with queer people. Because us queers deserve to respect, am I right?

Furthermore in this episode: how do you deal with your problematic faves? Plenty of musicians have done shady things in the past. However, these same people help a ton in figuring out someone’s queer identity. Do the pro’s in this case outweigh the con’s? Bahiru would claim so.

CW: Self-harm, Queer death and Queerphobia.

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