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Drastic Shift

Drastic Shift

The war in Ukraine has been going on for more than half a year, so people tend to forget about this issue and focus on their regular daily lives. Not Amy. They’ve been sharing resources, helping refugees and showed support to a point where it became a full time job. How did they take the shift from more general queer activism to a specific Ukranian Refugee flow? They’ll explain in this episode.

If there’s one thing I learned about Amy during our conversation is that their sense of responsibility is endless. Having been an activist from a young age, you’d think they’d work themself into a burn-out, or change interests over time but no. Amy made a drastic shift in her life in order to turn her activism in a full time-priority. It’s a struggle, but the goal is worth fighting for. Besides, Amy has learned to work this activist stress.

Of course we happen to talk about Eurovison too. It kinda becomes a yearly tradition to bring up the Song Contest in September. American, Asian and African listeners, share your thoughts on the matter!

Content warning: queerphobia, war, racism.

Flashback Track: Nosowska – Rozszczep
Queer Artist Spotlight: Mashrou’Leila – Aoede
Best Live Experience: Tami T – I Never Loved This Hard This Fast Before
Most Recent Discovery: Go_A – Shum


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