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Diva in Academia

Diva in Academia

High academic expectations among Asian students might sound like a tired trope, but Best experienced it first-hand. As an only child she had to live with the pressure of passing on the family name and provide for that family by getting an appropriate college degree. After she came out it was a challenge to overcome these family focussed expectations. School was not really a problem though. She turned out to be a real Diva in academia.

Thankfully, she had pop music to cope. Beyoncé, Mariah Carey, and all the artists played in this episode help her feel empowered. Whether it’s her alarm in the morning or just sitting at home trying to relax, Best has a pop diva for every occasion. Now you may think this is an over the top episode, however, Best shows how versatile the past decades of pop divas have been.

On top of it all, activism also plays a big part in Bests life. Thailand, and Chiang Mai in particular have been facing some political hardships. Climate, political turmoil, queer rights, there’s always something to fight for. How do she copes with all of these issues, check out the episode and find out.

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Flashback Track: Whitney Houston – Greatest Love of All
Queer Artist Spotlight: Lady Gaga – Hair
Best Live Experience: Ariana Grande – Breathin
Recent Discovery: ETC – ไม่ต้องรู้ว่าเราคบกันแบบไหน (Mai Tong Ru Wa Rau Kop Gan Bep Nai)


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