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Digital Masks

Digital Masks

Even though it’s not particularly gender affirming, Finch enjoys making their money though online sex work. Although different types of digital sex work bring different types of joy, it’s still a valid way of paying the bills. Hopefully, this episode will help destigmatise this brand of profession a little bit. Let’s get all doubts out of the way: when this podcast advocates for workers’ rights, that includes sex workers’ rights!

In order to cater to a possible audience when camming, Finch feels like they need to turn down the queerness and upscale the femininity. Where there are people who are going to objectify femme presenting people anyway, then they might as well pay for it right? What are your thoughts on the matter? Get it touch though the QueerSounds socials or the contact page on the website.

Camming comes with a more femme mask, during another of Finch’s favourite past times he wears a more masc mask. Larping might be closest to digital anonymity that’s available in the outside world. However, in Finch’s experience, it’s not nearly as toxic and horrible.

CW: misogyny, queerphobia, and a lot of sexual content

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