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Couple Reads from Diary and Laughs about it

Couple Reads from Diary and Laughs about it

When a band consists of a couple, people usually expect things to go south, but Hey, King! is here to prove them wrong. They just released a wonderfully queer album which covers deeply personal subjects. This includes the meta subject of a couple being in a band together.

The band consists of Natalie and Taylor who, as far as I got to know them, show that having a healthy relationship comes with being open and honest with each other. However, they’re not here to give relationship advice. Instead, they’ll sit us down and have us listen to pages from their diary. This brand of honesty does not just apply to their relationship, but more often than not it also forms the base for their lyrics. Throw in a tongue-in-cheek approach to these serious matters and a love for the French horn and you’ll get Hey, King!

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Flashback Track: Tori Amos – Take to the Sky
Queer Artist Spotlight: Tegan & Sara – Walking with a Ghost
Best Live Experience: The Front Bottoms – Twin Size Mattress
Episode Special: Hey, King! – Sorry


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