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Cliché Arts Queer

Cliché Arts Queer

Sarya was born in the United States. For a large part they grew up in Taiwan before they eventually moved to Edinburgh to go to uni there. In the meantime, they got to know a whole bunch of stereotypes. In the end they proudly became one. Spoken word, music, theatre, Sarya can do all the arts.

Let’s lean into our stereotypes, shall we? Sarya loved the arts and theatre and as a result they would regularly get cast into genderbending creative type roles. In hindsight though, it’s hard to tell how much of this was actually an act. We could spiral into how much of gender is performative but let’s leave that for another time. Are there any stereotypes you like to lean into? Reach out through the contact form below.

Performative or not, Sarya’s issues with femininity are real. Although they are pretty comfortable presenting femme of centre, the traditional idea of what “feminine” even is, is hard to shake. Especially in combination with their Asian heritage. Therefore, it’s all the more appropriate to end with a song in which they praise their mom, and sings about how cool, hot, and intimidating women can be.

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Flashback Track: John Denver – Take me Home, Country Roads
Queer Artist Spotlight: Tami T – Fourteen
Best Live Experience: múm – Slow Down
Episode Special: Sarya – Professional Woman


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