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Chaotic Good Eurodance Party

Chaotic Good Eurodance Party

It’s been a long time since the heights Eurodance Fad. Since then, this specific subcategory of nineties and zeroes pop became surrounded by a stigma of poor taste and a lack of any credibility. Licia is here to throw all those preconceived notions right out the window. The enthusiasm with which Licia talks about subjects others might dismiss as a guilty pleasure is infectious. Nothing needs to make sense as long as you’re having fun.

Eurodance, preferably in languages that aren’t English, became a passion as a result of an internet rabbit hole a long time ago. Since then they created an opportunity to dive into such rabbit holes along with them. Every weekend Licia hosts a radio show in which they play the freshest, grooviest and most fun Estonian pop tunes. For a link to their show, see the shownotes below.

What’s more in this episode: getting into hardcore punk while trying to hide your love for Norwegian pop, dealing people who don’t know how to act around blind people, and our guesses for the 2021 song of the year!

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Flashback Track: Dina – Bli Hos Meg
Queer Artist Spotlight: Limp Wrist – Want Us Dead
Best Live Experience: The Get Up Kids -Holiday
Most Recent Discovery: Pitsa – Avokaado (leidsin ta)


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