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A Strong Nineties Feel

A Strong Nineties Feel

From Reggae music to colonialist legislation. When you think about the nineties, you’ll probably think of the 1990’s but the 1890’s get a mention as well. I do realise a hundred years is a long time to cover, but under the guise of Black history month it’s seems like the appropriate time to at least mention these decades. Here with me to discuss them is none other than Yvee from Galck.

The most recent nineties are obvious: personal memories as well as the political climate of the time form the backdrop to Yvee’s childhood. Growing up in Kenya, Reggae was unavoidable and that left its mark on them.

The history further back is more of a recent activity. With Repeal 162 GALCK, or the Gay and Lesbian Coalition of Kenya, and a collection of other organisations are trying to finally get rid of homophobic legislation put in place by British Colonial law. Because of course it is.

So, I’m not entirely sure if Dyke is a word that has been reclaimed and broadly accepted. Yvee definitely uses it in a reclaimed way, even though I’ve always been under the impression it’s a slur. Please share your thoughts trough the contact form.

CW: Racism, Homophobia, Colonialism

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Flashback Track: Bob Marley – Redemption Song
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Best Live Experience: Koffee – Burning
Most Recent Discovery: Lizzo – T-Baby


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