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Vaporwave and the Trans Experience

Vaporwave and the Trans Experience

Talking from a Dutch perspective, school uniforms are a literal foreign concept. So Fabian comes over to share his thoughts and experiences. For example, as a trans guy, the way he’s been socialized is quite contradictory. He rightfully refused to wear a skirt then, but in transitioning it turned back around. Some toxic masculinity crept in, which he now needs to unlearn. Unfortunately, nothing’s ever easy now, is it?

As a musicology graduate Fabian had to put up with a certain level of snobbery and elitism, but that never stopped him from enjoying some great pop tunes. This love for pop music has always been there, although it evolved over the years. It’s no coincidence someone who really appreciates the skillful musicianship in a song, also pays above average attention to pushing the boundaries of modern day pop-tunes.

Take Vaporwave for example. Looking back at the future we thought we’d have and laughing about it. Fabian explains how this applies to both capitalism and being trans. Apparently, it’s got something to do with the imagery we thought was futuristic in the eighties. You’ll have to listen to the episode to really catch the explanation behind it. Fabian definitely spent a lot of time thinking about it and you might too.

This episode’s guest is someone with an extended encyclopedic knowledge of popculture this might be the most in-depth conversation yet. So be prepared for a whole lot of trivia, loose thoughts and the occasional joke.

Flashback Track: S Club 7 – Reach
Queer Artist Spotlight: Dorian Electra – Man to Man
Best Live Experience: Jungle – Busy Earnin’
Most Recent Discovery: Moeshop – Lovesick


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