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Alongside your Queer Identity

Alongside your Queer Identity

Katlego Kolanyane-Kesupile might just be one of the most prolific queer Motswana in the world. Whether you found out about her through her ARTivism or her TED talk, there is always more to discover about her. You’d be surprised how many stories related to music this amazing person holds, too! From her love for 80’s pop divas to some sidesteps into musicals and emo.

Ultimately, please remember that you don’t need the approval of UN officials for you to be valid. Kat however, actually went out and got the thumbs up from the late Kofi Annan. Moreover, she became a Global Shaper for the World Economic Forum. Not through affirmative action, but simply because she’s a born overachiever. For all details of Kat’s overwhelming resumé you should just go check her Wikipedia page.

Frankly, there’s quite a lot of things we didn’t get to talk about in this conversation. For example, I would have loved to dive into the subject addressed in Kat’s TED talk. In this speech she explained her experiences with getting her past white-washed after growing up in rural Botswana. But sometimes a conversation just goes the way it goes and we’ll have take all other possible topics for granted. Besides, it’s all the more reason to have her back on the show sometime! In case you’ve got suggestions as to what to talk about next time, or if you want to call me out on my ignorance, feel free to drop a line. You can find a link to the contact form below.

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