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Healthy, yes. In shape, no.

Healthy, yes. In shape, no.

Stigmas are stacking up for Yannick. First of all, she’s a black woman in the United States, secondly, she’s trans. On top of that all, she has also been diagnosed with HIV/ Aids. Subsequently, people tend to underestimate how healthy she actually is. Of course a diagnosis like this one influences her life, but the biggest health concern is how she actually ought to go for a run more often.

In order to cope, she found a collection of creative endeavours as a way to vent. They’re also a method to disprove any misconceptions surrounding any aspects of her person. From an extensive back catalog on YouTube, to decent a collection of fun Euro-dance pop songs and a podcast called Conversations with the Priestess. She’s been finding ways to keep herself busy and quite successfully at that.

Unfortunately, something we hardly even talked about in the episode is the way Yannick presents herself. Obviously, gender expression does not equal gender identity. So, to her as a woman, this means she’s still comfortable appearing somewhat androgynous. Drop a line with your own coping methods or thoughts on gender expression through the link below!

CW: Transphobia, Racism, HIV/Aids

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