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It Makes Sense Now

It Makes Sense Now

Time for this history nerd to look at their own past. Leigh, host of the History is Gay Podcast dives into some good old pop nostalgia ans when things started to make sense for them. Whether it’s popculture or boybands, they’ve always been part of some fandom. In part because of the music, but also because of a sense of community. After all, the true queer treasure would be the friends you make along the way.

It’s a bit awkward to admit to this, but when I first started podcasting it was Leigh and their then co-host Gretchen who motivated me to start QueerSounds. If they were able to find their niche audience, I should be able to do the same. So this podcast would not have existed without History is Gay. Needless to say, I am super excited to have Leigh on the show.

There’s one point they really wanted to emphasise, though. As a podcaster with a feminine perceived voice, people wrongly approach them as a woman. Please, please, please people: make sure you check what peoples’ pronouns are when you reach out to them. Thank you.

CW: biphobia, internalised transphobia

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Flashback Track: Spice Girls – Wannabe
Queer Artist Spotlight: Jenny Lewis – Just One of the Guys
Best Live Experience: Paramore – That’s What You Get
Episode Special: Hey King – Lucky


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