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Written in Sharpie

Written in Sharpie

Over the past few years Kai Mata has written some amazingly fun queer folksy pop tunes. Her first album was released in 2018 and new material is coming out in good time. Through her songs she managed to become the most prolific queer singer-songwriter from Indonesia. As a fun new musical treat, she’s got something special planned for QueerSounds listeners.

It’s as important as ever to actively contribute to representation. In Kai Mata’s case, she hopes to shake a wave that makes Indonesian queer people feel seen. Even though this means she’ll need to deal with getting her music pirated, online bigotry, and the occasional ignorant podcast-host.

As much as she feels proud of her work, there is a lot of progress yet to be made. For example, in a recent twitter post she warned anyone who would listen for the upcoming law in her home country. Below you can find the link to both the video as well as the bill we’ll talk about.

CW: homophobia, Racism

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