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Just Joke About It

Just Joke About It

Plenty of queer people hugely benefit from an online community. When Gunneet started to joke about her bisexuality she accidentally became someone providing such a community on Tumblr. She is a true connoisseur of Bisexuality providing knowledge with nice layer of comedy.

Whenever she gets the chance, her comedy moves from a digital environment to an actual stand-up setting. This allows her to really get a sense for what type of humour people may or may not appreciate. For example, performing in general comedy club is very different compared to queer spaces. Most notably, in wholesome queer spaces it’s a lot less likely some prick will groan at properly funny feminist joke. Some people just don’t know how to appreciate good humour, am I right?

It may not come as a surprise, but humour is a very common coping mechanism. Whether that might be in order to deal with depression or coming to terms with being queer. For Guneet, thats’s no different. Bi-facts and the huge amount of positive reactions it set off made her, and a lot of others with her, feel strong and validated in their sexuality. In case you’re not familiar of this blog, you can find it in the show notes below.

Finally, I’d like to recommend Nancie Schipper’s music. She’s another Australian musician in line with those mentioned in the episode. Check out “Comedy Show” or “Take out the Trash” especially.

CW: Depression, Sexism, Biphobia

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