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The Smiling Boy

The Smiling Boy

Oh boy, this is a bit of a messy one. This episode has been on the shelf for a bit but the positive energy Joëll radiates is something I don’t want to withhold from you. Listen to him sharing his stories of love and fascination for the Mediterranean.

While editing this I wrote in my notes, in huge letters: Keep it Queer! We were off nerding about history and completely forgot to talk about Joëlls queer experience. It briefly comes up by the end of the episode but I feel like there was a lot that still could be said.

To tell you the truth, Im very happy to have worked ahead. Allow me to pull back the curtain a little bit: in February 2020 alone I recorded four podcast episodes. Because of this, I’m able to keep going as covid restrictions are tightening. Meanwhile, I’m working out some fun new ideas. Keep your eyes peeled!

CW: antisemitism, xenophobia, war

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Flashback Track: Bouzouki Boys – To Yelasto Pedi
Queer Artist Spotlight: Mahmood – Barrio
Best Live Experience: Giuseppe Verdi – Va Pensiero
Most Recent Discovery: La Casa Azul – La Revolución Sexual


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