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Live Your Truth

Live Your Truth

He left his home country of Jamaica to go live in the Netherlands, a country he never heard of before. Subsequently, the universe led Sean-Claude to spaces, both mental and physical, he never expected to be. It took some getting used to, but finally he’s able to live his truth.

It was like a breath of fresh air for Sean-Claude to talk about his favourite tunes. Every day he, a trans, black refugee, has to face countless hardships, so freely talking about music was a lovely piece of escapism. It can be very tiring to be a political activist, so sometimes you just rather want to not think about any of the troubles you’re facing and talk about other interests. For him, the power of music as a way to relax and calm down proved stronger than ever.

What might be my favourite part of this episode was how our conversation kind of derailed. We started out talking about reggae and how it might be a little bit cliché for him to like this type of music. We ended up digging through festival line-ups and different booking deals. Let us know what you thought of this episode through the contact link below!

CW: Racism, Transphobia

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Flashback Track: Luther Vandross – Never Too Much
Queer Artist Spotlight: Frank Ocean – We All Try
Best Live Experience: Ziggy Marley – Rebellion Rises
Most Recent Discovery: Ari Lennox & J. Cole – Shea Butter Baby


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