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Be Gay, Do Crimes

Be Gay, Do Crimes

Belgium and the Netherlands left Brenda in a bad place, both mentally and physically. Now, it seems like she’s adhering to a stereotype, but Finland is where this metalhead found some peace of mind. However, within the metal scene there still seems to be some room for improvement. Listen to her stories about what it’s like to be gay, a woman and a metal fan.

The Finnish language fascinates me endlessly. It probably was not the best idea to talk about this with someone who doesn’t speak Finnish as their first language. It was my only option at hand though, so I didn’t want to pass on this opportunity. In case you know more about gender in Suomi, and want to chat about it on this podcast, hit my up through the contact link below.

In the end, with all the different subjects like queerphobia and misogyny covered, we needed to make some cuts. For example, we didn’t even get around to talking about fat shaming or polyamory. Another excuse for anyone out there to get in touch so we’ll be able to cover these issues. Also, just in general, let us know your thoughts about the episode!

CW: Homophobia, Harassment, Misogyny

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Flashback Track: Metallica – Enter Sandman
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Best Live Experience: Gojira – Flying Wales
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