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An unstoppable force versus an immovable object. As long as racism is still a thing, Axmed will continue to fight it. Partly by reclaiming his Somali background and by lifting up other queer black people. But most of all by reclaiming all parts of his identity at all times. From there, positive remarks from other Somali people always remind him what he’s fighting for. Encounters like those are affirming as wel as simply heartwarming.

Obviously, all the artists picked today are from Somali descent for a reason. This country’s musical history is underappreciated, and often overlooked. There are so many cool Somali artists, ranging from modern day rap, to a long history of jazz artists. One of them even ended up having a political career. Check out the episode to learn more.

Next to this impressive list of his country’s musical culture, Axmed also enjoys the occasional Techno and House party. Dissatisfied with Amsterdam’s club culture, it’s supply in black queer safe spaces in particular, he initiated Dance With Pride. This organisation, appropriately labeled ‘A Proud Reunification of Dance Music and Queer Culture’ isn’t afraid to get political either. They party one minute and call out racism another, which is something other organisations should join them in. Especially because this concerns the city that hosts the biggest annual Dance conferences.

CW: Racism, War Assassination and some Sexual Content

Flashback Track: Faadumo Qaasin Hilowle – Waa Habeenkii
Queer Artist Spotlight: Sadeeq Ali – Get The Cake
Best Live Experience: Saado Cali Warsame – Yaa Kuu Warama
Most Resent Discovery: Sun – Honeycomb


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