Hey y’all. I’m sorry, No full episode today. The first time in a while I’m missing the release schedule since I’ve had one which, on one hand is weird but also puts this complete lack of an issue in perspective. No hard feelings, ok?

Keep me Caffeinated

As you might expect, hosting a podcast can be an expensive endeavour. RSS-hosting, Music Licencing, travel costs, the whole lot. It adds up. But good news! If you enjoy QueerSounds you can at least keep this podcast caffeinated. Go to https://www.buymeacoffee.com/QueerSounds to donate. Or keep your eyes peeled for a flashy plug-in on this website.


All new! The QueerSounds Spotify playlist. All songs ever featured on this lovely podcast in one easy overview.


Queer Sounds is now also available through Spotify. Listen here! https://open.spotify.com/show/2aNp6O2Uxr7Dv00mST0LkO


Music plays a huge role in queer life. With so many memories, anecdotes and other stories that have songs attached to them, it would be a shame if no one would ever share them.

As promised: the long awaited site update with donate link. If you want to support QueerSounds, press the button!

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