With a new guest every episode, Hannah talks with queer people about music. What inspires them, what moves them and what great memories they’ve got to share.

6: I Can Take This

Not the protest march type, Lu Lodi tries to help trans and other queer people in whatever way she can. Just acknowledging each others existence can seem small but carries huge power. This Brasilian support group host knows that like no other.

First musical memory: Bia Bedran – Pedalinho
Queer artist of the Week: Tami T – Trans Femme Bonding
Best live experience: Broken Social Scene – Forced to Love
Most recent discovery: Lizzo – Juice


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5: Vaporwave and the Trans Experience

Ep. 5: Vaporwave and the Trans Experience

As a musicology graduate Fabian had to put up with a certain level of snobbery and elitism, but that never stopped him from enjoying some great pop-tunes. As someone who analyses music, with an extended encyclopedic knowledge this might be the most in-depth conversation yet.

First musical Memory: S Club 7 – Reach
Queer Artist of the Week: Dorian Electra – Man to Man
Best Live Experience: Jungle – Busy Earnin’
Most Recent Discovery: Moeshop – Lovesick


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4: “Are you thinking of blue balls now?”

Ep. 4 “Are you thinking of blue balls now?”

If there’s one thing that defines Iris, is that they know extremely well how to identify what they like and then act on it. Both in the professional sense, and in their musical preferences. Having friends who are into metal is cool and all, but that doesn’t mean there’s any less room for hip-hop, R&B and disco. A self-proclaimed scaredy-cat, but there’s a large amount of confidence and power lurking underneath the surface.

First musical Memory: Aaliyah – Try Again
Queer Artist of the Week: Lizzo – Batches & Cookies
Best Live Experience: Scissor Sisters – Inevitable
Most Recent Discovery: Likeili47 – Tick Boom


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3: “Everyone Was Sixteen Once”

Ep. 3 “Everyone was Sixteen Once

On the verge of graduating in Music Management Janneke Stam isn’t even sure if she wants to continue in the music industry. After a career that included co-founding a music website, an internship at Epitaph and time spend in London while working for RockSound, she is pretty much done with PopPunk and the party lifestyle.

First musical Memory: The White Stripes – Black Math
Queer Artist of the Week: Trash Boat – The Guise of a Mother
Best Live Experience: Arcane Roots – Long & Low
Most Recent Discovery: Sigrid – Strangers


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2: “She Was Extraordinary”

Ep. 2 “She was extraordinary”

CW. Contains mentions of suicide.

Ambitious, but still enjoying that student lifestyle. Nina Pušić combines journalistic research with parties and festivals. Her music taste is largely influenced by two things: her family and movie soundtracks. More pop than alternative, more 70’s than contemporary, but always a whole lot of fun.

First musical Memory: Nena – Irgendwie, Irgendwo, Irgendwann
Queer Artist of the Week: David Bowie – Heroes
Best Live Experience: Goo Goo Dolls – Iris
Most Recent Discovery: Charles Bradley – Changes


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1: “I’m the Chair Queer”

Ep. 1 “I’m the chair Queer”

Wouter Overman looks like an old school punk. A cigarette dangling from the corner of their mouth, green mohawk, leather jacket full of pins. This all obviously also shows in their music taste. What used to be an emo-phase, is now a more traditional punk attitude involving beer, squatting and a lot live-shows. However, it’s not the music that drew them into this scene. It’s the androgynous aesthetic that really appealed to this genderfluid booker.

First musical Memory: Panic! at the Disco – I Write Sins Not Tragedies 
Queer Artist of the Week: Against Me! – I Was a Teenage Anarchist
Best Live Experience: Belgrado – Progress
Most Recent Discovery: Supernova 1006 – Gold 


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